One of the buzzwords that you may frequently come across these days is the term “detox”. Commonly spoken by the lips of health conscious people, it is a short form of the world detoxification and quite simply means removing toxic elements from the body. It has become an increasingly important thing to do nowadays, what more with the existence of more and more pollution in the environment as well as many processed foods containing substances that actually do much harm to the body.

In actual fact, your body already has the mechanism for performing detoxification activities within itself by means of the kidney and liver. However, considering the amount of toxins that enter an average individual’s body, it would even greatly improve the performance of your immune system if you had a regular detox routine for yourself as well.

The best way to detox is by the use of natural elements. Here are some example of herbs that are known to have cleansing and detox organ strengthening purposes:

# 1- Papermint
This is a very common ingredient in products we purchase every day such as toothpaste, chewing gum, chocolate and many others. However, its healing properties should not be overlooked. Peppermint leaves are useful for treating colds, stomach problems, skin irritation, anxiety and flatulence.


#2 – Ginger
A condiment that frequently finds its way into many of our Asian dishes, ginger is known to have cleansing properties which are beneficial to your skin, kidney and bowels. Besides that, it helps to keep morning and motion sickness at bay.


#3 – Rose Hips
This refers to the pods that grow at the base of a rose and they are left behind after the bloom has died. They are rich in vitamins C, A, D, E and K as well as flavinoids (anti-oxidants). From a medicinal viewpoint, it provides relief for headaches and dizziness, besides also preventing bladder infections.


#4 – Chamomile
A very well known and widely used herb, it has many uses and benefits. Among other things, it acts as a good sleep aid, as it helps you to relax. It can also be used a mild painkiller and improves the body’s digestive processes.


#5 – TruDtox
Here’s a worthy candidate for your detox plan. TruDtox contains all of the above herbal ingredients and much more. It is a high quality herbal tea that does not contain harsh laxatives such as senna nor does it induce bowel dependency. It provides you with the means to easily incorporate a detox routine into your lifestyle. Cleansing your body has now become as simple as enjoying a cup of tea several times a week. There isn’t even any need to alter your current dietary habits at all. yet you can now have a healthier and happier life.