Doing a daily detoxification. Is it necessary? Is it safe?

Eating well, Not absorbing well.

You may be eating healthy, well balanced, organic meals … but still feel lousy. How can this be?

It’s not just what you eat, it’s also how your body digests, absorbs and eliminates. So it’s high time you try a detox. Feel the difference today with regular gentle detoxification – a healthier, lighter and cleaner inside, and a more vibrant and energetic outside!


Swiss-formulated TruDtox and its comprehensive fusion of organically-cultivated herbs, floras and teas has helped thousands of users with its gentle yet very effective detoxifying results – among which include reports of “.. a sensation of lightness and cleanness, better fitting clothes and more energy throughout the day”.

As one 40-something year old consumer aptly remarked, “43 years of rubbish just cleared out!”. A hot-seller, TruDtox® is a fast-moving product which clears off shelves so quickly that consumers are even asking their local pharmacists to reserve a pack for them to avoid disappointment.

Annual detox or Regular detox?

Detoxification is a natural and daily bodily process, so why wait 365 days before you lend a helping hand?

When our digestion and elimination system is working well, we absorb nutrients and supplements easily and more effectively while clearing out toxins and waste promptly. Only then can we stay healthy, energetic, and more resistant to colds & flus.

Too toxic today.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates there are over 70,000 different toxins that we are consistently exposed to at any moment. Even internally, our body produces toxins in the form of free radicals. Simply put, if we live on this earth we are not spared from toxins!

Digestive system overwhelmed?

Your body is like a high performance car, and your digestive and elimination organs is the oil filter. The filter needs cleaning every now and then to ensure optimal performance. Once it’s clean, the high quality fuel we put in (i.e healthy nutritious food) can do its job properly. When you detoxify, you are treating your body to a fresh start.

When toxins don’t get properly neutralized and excreted, they get stored in our cells and compromise our body’s ability to absorb nutrients. When that happens we experience chronic fatigue, headaches, brain fog, muddled thinking, aches & pains, indigestion, gas & bloating.

Why put up with all that discomfort when there is a way to keep your body as clear from toxins as possible everyday? Now, you can finally detox safely anytime with a new natural and gentle cleansing method that helps purify your body regularly …. it’s as simple as making a cup of TEA!

Naturally purify.

Safe and natural, Swiss-formulated TruDtox offers gentle cleansing without added laxatives. Now you can detox regularly at home with an affordable solution and at your own convenience.