Abuse of Laxatives

Laxatives, even natural ones such as cassia angustifolia (commonly known as senna) while being able to provide quick relief, should be avoided because they are counter productive to establishing regularity, can be habit forming and they have undesirable side effects.

1. Laxatives Constipate & Promote Dependency.

Over use of laxatives can damage the colon, cause constipation, and promote dependency especially when used long term. Laxatives can also cause imbalances in bodily fluids, lead to complications in other parts of the body, and interfere with the therapeutic action of other medications or intensify toxic effects. Laxatives can mask the signs and symptoms of other medical conditions that may require attention. This is why laxative use is generally not recommended.

2. Laxatives Weaken Colon Muscles.

The purgative action of stimulant laxatives interferes and weakens normal colonic muscular actions which play a part in fluid absorption, particle cohesion, stool formation, stool transit, and stool passage (defecation). If these muscles become weak, stool transit is slowed.

3. Harmful Side Effects

In a short period of time, over use of laxatives can dry out the colon lining, weaken colon muscles, and damage colon nerves. The colon can become insensitive, intestinal motility can slow, normal processes fail, and, as a result, chronic constipation can develop.

Excessive use in the long run may cause abdominal pain, low energy, thirst, dry eyes, headaches, dehydration, weight loss and even damage to other organs. The side effects reported include confusion, irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps, skin rash, unusual tiredness or weakness, belching, cramping, diarrhea and nausea.

The Need for Regularity

Myths about constipation and the preoccupation with achieving daily bowel movement have led to a serious abuse of stimulant laxatives. Let’s find out how regularity is defined:

Healthy regularity is the comfortable passage (without straining) of well formed stools (neither too hard, nor too soft) once every day or every two to three days without the use of laxatives, or other interventions. Bowel function is unique and varies from individual to individual.

3 Regularity Tips

Here are 3 effective ways you can achieve your own regularity safely and naturally!

1. Get Moving

Movements such as stretching or walking stimulate bowel activity and promote regularity as well as good health.

2. Respond when Nature Calls

Respond promptly when nature “calls”. If you are no longer getting the urge, try toileting 45 minutes after every meal. Gently massage your abdomen with your palm in a circular motion.

3. Regular Servings

A regular serving of TruDtox botanical tea blend (one tea bag every alternate day)will help improve stool transit time and promote regularity by rejuvenating your natural detoxification organs.

The Better Alternative to Laxatives…

TruDtox® is contains no chemicals, no stimulants, not even senna. Just an organic blend of botanicals to help you achieve regularity naturally. There is nothing to make you run to the bathroom and nothing that will interfere with medications. And, unlike laxatives that can damage the colon, TruDtox works with the body gently, naturally and gradually, over time to help heal and rejuvenate your colon and other detoxification organs, without promoting dependency.

Gentle even for Daily Use

Individuals with a wide variety of temporary and chronic disorders have benefited from healthy bowel benefits of TruDtox. A light and aromatic tea, award-winning and best-selling TruDtox optimizes digestion and supports all the digestive organ functions such as the GI tract, liver, kidneys, blood and intestines. Used daily, TruDtox can help to maintain results after a cleanse or for overall digestive support.