Take a Break

Fasting during Ramadan is not only an opportunity to test and develop their inner, spiritual selves but it is also an ideal time for detoxification – to cleanse accumulated toxins within the body and internal organs.

Fasting is a time-tested practice for centuries to cleanse and exfoliate from the inside – releasing deeply held toxins that have been stored within bodily tissues as a result of years of built-up waste from day-to-day exposure of pollutants from our food, water and the environment. During fast, it gives our body time to recuperate while toxic fats are released to be burned and eliminated.

Breaking a Fast

Properly breaking a fast is as vital a detoxification process as doing the fast. Bodily systems, particularly the digestive system, are now rested and need time to get accustomed to food again. It is imperative to gradually reintroduce food so as not to overburden the body after its period of rest and healing. Metabolism slows during a fast and requires time to re-adjust. This is achieved by carefully adding small amounts of easily-digested foods on the days following a fast. A good practice is to consume raw fruits and at least 8 glasses of filtered water on the first day following a fast.

Fruits and vegetables, raw or lightly steamed may be eaten on the second day. By the third day the pre-fast diet may be resumed. Generally, the longer the fast, the longer it should take to return to the normal diet. It’s also important to chew thoroughly and avoid overeating.

Cleanse and Exfoliate – On the Inside…

Starting with a clean slate is essential – you have to clear out the toxins to make room for the wholesome, rejuvenating nourishment.

Think about it like this: What if you didn’t wash your face every day? Imagine the grime and makeup clogging and stretching your pores. Your poor skin underneath it all would be gasping for fresh air and moisture. So, the same goes for your insides – clear up all that toxic sludge and let your organs ‘breathe’ and receive wholesome nourishment! This is why detox regularly to eliminate waste and toxins inside our body is vital.

When it comes to choosing a detoxification product, avoid any harsh laxatives such as senna leaves and cascara sagrada. These come with a higher risk of water loss in our body and is often misconstrued as weight loss. Long term laxative use can cause our colon to lose its natural ability to contract and our intestinal wall to harden. This is why some products can only recommend a detoxification not more than every few months. Once consumption of these laxatives stop, the bowel becomes impaired and constipation will ensue. So avoid using antacids, diuretics or laxatives to detoxify.

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