It’s that time of the year again where Malaysian Muslims do their yearly spiritual fast. Fasting indeed has many spiritual and physical benefits, but it is not uncommon to hear some people commenting that they experience headache or fatigue when they fast during Ramadan, even after a few hours into the fast. Why is this so? Toxic overload is often the culprit.

Toxic Overload

As we are constantly exposed to toxins everywhere, i.e. in our food, our water, our environment; the toxic load in our body may rise, causing our liver to be overburdened. When the liver is unable to cope with an excess amount of toxins, they are re-circulated back in our body system, and often end up being trapped and stored for years in our cells. During fasting, the cells start to eradicate the accumulated toxins and to re-circulate them back into the blood before releasing from the body through our detoxification organs. During this elimination process, headache, lethargy, fatigue, body ache and weakness may set in.

More Toxic Overload

Many of us do not spare a great deal of thought to the type and quality of food we eat during the fasting month. There are foods that harm, such as deep fried food, sweet cakes containing high sugar and high fat cooked foods; and foods that benefit such as whole grains, fibre-rich food, dried fruits, fruits, vegetable, grilled or baked meat.

We also tend to overeat when breaking fast, especially when eating out. That’s because during the fasting month, numerous restaurants and eateries around town offer scrumptious Ramadan buffets to entice customers to their outlets. Faced with the choices of food before us, we tend to indulge in eating. When our system is overloaded with bigger-than-our-average meals, it is a recipe for a toxic disaster wasting away inside us. It eventually may lead to many digestive concerns such as indigestion, bloating, gassiness and bowel irregularity, all which are signs of toxic overload.

How to Stay Energised, Clear-headed and Healthy During Ramadan

If you are experiencing these signs of toxic overload, then that’s where a natural and gentle, herbal purifying tea such as TruDtox® can help. An award-winning detox tea, TruDtox® is senna-free and works gently to support the body’s elimination and detoxification organs in a highly effective way and makes it possible for anyone to support a healthy way of life through frequent detoxification, e.g. 2-3 times a week.

A person who has done regular detoxification before and during the fast will experience fewer problems from these unwanted symptoms. Think about it like this: What if you didn’t wash your face every day? Imagine the grime and makeup clogging and stretching your pores. Your poor skin underneath it all would be gasping for fresh air and moisture. So, the same goes for your insides – clear up all that toxic sludge and let your organs ‘breathe’ and receive wholesome nourishment! Detoxifying and achieving regularity are vital – both aid in the elimination of waste and toxins inside our body.

Impressed by TruDtox’s results, many consumers continue to use TruDtox® , even after trying other brands. Here, consumers share why they take TruDtox® regularly and during the fasting month.

Easy & Convenient Detox!

Why not make good use of this fasting month to give your body a thorough opportunity to rejuvenate? Try TruDtox® today! Flush out all the accumulated sludge, toxins, waste & gasses out of your body for a cleaner, lighter, vibrant and healthier you.

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Just brew a cup of TruDtox® for a gentle detox experience, 2-3 times a week during the fasting month and maintain healthy regularity with smoother bowels. You may even start to notice changes in your body!