The most anticipated part of Raya has got to be about getting to indulge in all the traditional yummy favourites like beef and chicken rendang, assorted curries, ketupat, lontong, satay, and an endless list of other lip-smacking richly flavoured delights. Don’t forget the all-day access to kuih, cookies and cakes too. Granted seeing family, friends and relatives is a wonderful feeling but after you go through so much feasting; your body won’t be feeling that great.

When your system is overloaded with bigger-than-your-average meals or constant eating (made only worse by the fact that these special occasion meals are typically laden with health ‘no-no’s like too much sugar, colouring, preservatives, fats, grease and the like), it’s a recipe for toxic disaster wasting away inside you.

An alarming number of people, more precisely 1 in 4 have digestive concerns such as irregular bowel movements, and even difficulty digesting common foods. And that’s just on normal days – what more when your digestive system now has to work doubly hard to cope with the feasting or irregular eating done during Raya celebrations. It not only puts a damper on your social gatherings, it can even disrupt your family time, work and even a good night’s sleep.

That Bloated Feeling…

Your overburdened digestive system is signaling for help when you feel bouts of indigestion, burping, gas and bloating – some of the initial signs of trouble down under.

A bloated tummy could just be the start of many other symptoms resulting from a weakened detoxification system. Falling sick easily, constant tiredness, sensitive skin, headaches and body aches are just some of the other symptoms of toxicity in your body.

When you do a regular total body detoxification, you help to lighten the toxic overload in your body’s natural detoxification system. One should be careful to avoid detoxification products with harsh laxatives or diuretic-like ingredients. They come with a higher risk of water loss in our body, which could easily be misconstrued as weight loss. Long term use of these harsh laxatives may cause our colon to lose its natural ability to contract and our intestinal wall to harden. Once consumption of these laxatives stop, the bowel becomes impaired and constipation will ensue.

TruDtox® – the Gentle & Safe Detox

For daily gentle cleansing & digestion, TruDtox’s proprietary formulation combines a special blend of botanicals traditionally used with great success over many years. This special non-laxative formulation optimizes digestion and supports all the digestive organ functions.

Detox before & after a ‘Heavy MEAL’!

Consumers particularly love the fact that TruDtox® is gentle, safe for regular long-term use and very effective in flushing out waste and toxins from the body. Convenient and refreshing as a great tasting herbal tea, there’s no elaborate routine required and flexible enough to fit into anyone’s lifestyle.

Says Nizah, “Raya is definitely my favourite time of the year. When I balik kampung, of course I must enjoy my mom’s special rendang and all the other good food! I’m glad I tried TruDtox® last Raya – not only did it help reduce my gassy, bloated sensation, but it did it gently so I could continue visiting relatives and friends at their open house. Best of all, I felt really good & clean inside and maintained a flatter tummy even though I ate so much for days!”

A Happy Raya – without the bloating and gas

Experience the rejuvenation and gentle detox of award-winning TruDtox this Raya – It’s a simple and convenient detox technique you can do both before and after any heavy meal. Flush out the toxins and sludge inside so that you can maintain a cleaner, healthier and lighter you. Get rid of the bloating and gas … and best of all, experience a flatter tummy during Raya!