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Grace Myu
However, the good effect is that the results are obvious after the first teabag and I enjoyed a flat tummy (which enabled me to wear more crop tops) throughout the entire month!
Jacqueline Khoo
Seriously TruDtox is effective in helping me reduce tummy bloat and digestive discomforts! I consume it for 5 days continuously for the first week (shared with mum) and 2 times/week for the following weeks. With add on 20-40 mins aerobic + workout/day. AND THESE ARE MY RESULT.
Janice Yeap
…after the detoxification, my body felt so 'clean'. After the detoxification on the first day, my tummy went flat right after and it felt like I lose an inch on my waist.
Josie Ong
I’m thankful that TruDtox helps me getting back in shape as well as being healthier. After trying out TruDtox, I noticed something about my skin. It’s healthier and less acne and eczema because a great detox like TruDtox not only helps you feel better; it can also help you look better.
Izzah Hahirah
Reduces and releases the feeling of stomach ache and bloatiness and helps with my digestion. I'm at ease at eating any types of food during breaking fast. No more masuk angin. Feel a lot better inside out and lighter too. I feel clean and energized after days of getting rid of all the toxins in my body. I don't feel THAT weak.
Isabel Lee
It felt good to eliminate the bad stuff from my body.
Ida Baharum
HAHA bila settle rasa perut I ringan. Kosong. TAPI tak lapar. Ringan tu yang BEST.
Marc Soon
After I drank the tea, everything is rather normal until around the 7 hour. I went to toilet after that and of course expel ''everything'' that no need inside my body. It really effective and I really like it. That why, I writing this post to promote to everyone about this awesome drink.
Becky Wong
I'd highly recommend this product for any of you who like to go for a detox program. It's so mild and yet effective and I'd definitely continue my detox with this.
SENRINING Photography
After consuming TruDtox for about two weeks, it definitely helps me on reducing the tummy bloat and digestive discomforts. I really like how TruDtox gently purify my body and improves overall health!
Fish Fong
Tastes like an ordinary herbal tea with no harsh laxatives, I notice my bowel movement somewhat improves a little.
Asyik Izas
Secara ikhlas nya memang Asyik akan guna produk ini secara berterusan sebab bagus untuk kesihatan. Asyik recommend produk ini untuk korang guna sebagai minuman harian.
Brendon Lee
Life as a student as we all know it, is really a survival of the fittest. Those who manage to juggle studies, social life, a healthy diet and lifestyle stays on top of the hierarchy. Those who can’t manage that, suffers. All the late nights (from both partying and studies!) and deadlines were taking its toll on my body. I get frequent headaches and flu, constipation and tires easily. A friend recommended TruDtox, and true to its claims, all the above ailments improve and I definitely feel on top of the world now!

(extract from Health & Beauty, January 2008)
Carinn Tan
I do feel more energetic and less lethargic throughout the day even with fewer hours of sleep.
Adriana Thani
Here are 4 reasons I love drinking TruDtox Tea during Ramadhan:
  • It made me less bloated.
  • It made me "go" regularly.
  • It gave me energy.
  • It's yummy!

Auntie Lillie
Safe and gentle to my body, I found TruDtox to be effective in helping me to reduce bloats and digestive discomforts too. Good news… check my weight today, went down 62kg to 58kg now
Kimberley Chow
It works quite well on me as I go to the wash-room twice the next day, knowing that I consumed TruDtox the night before.
Christy Loh
I’ve been in Shanghai for almost a year, and my digestive system has not really tuned into their ways cooking yet. Not being able to cook at home due to the commitments at work, I have to eat out, and yes, the intolerable late nights drive me up the wall too. Hence I’m always experiencing constipation and I get tired very easily. When I was back in Malaysia for the holidays, I saw the packets of TruDtox on my mom’s kitchen table, and I decided to give it a try. After only one packet, I immediately feel better. My constipation problems resolved.

(extract from Health & Beauty, January 2008)
Kelvin Teh
Maybe it’s the humongous meals I have a day. Maybe it is the junks that I love devouring so much. Or maybe my gastrointestinal system is just not at its optimum. One way or the other, I regularly feel bloated and my digestion swings from being overactive to underactive. I decided to try detoxifying and chose TruDtox as it seems pretty easy. Just a cup of the herbal fusion a day and hey presto, after just 5 cups, my gastrointestinal seemed to have buck up and I am feeling more energised than I have ever been!

(extract from Health & Beauty, January 2008)
Atikah Norbaki
Dengan TruDtox, kita bukan saja mampu mengurangkan berat badan. Malah ianya juga membantu membuangkan toksik dalam badan.
I experience the cleansing action with the first sachet of TruDtox .I take it like every two days. :) I feel clean, since it can solve my constipation problem without pain.
… ada satu produk yang memang sangat-sangat berkesan bagi aku … TruDtox!
Lee Jia Qi
But I feel much much healthier now and, especially my bloat-free stomach! :) I definitely would recommend anyone to give TruDtox a try! :)
Yue Rain
When I drink the TruDtox, my body was much lighter and yes when my skin is better, I feel good too.=)
Fiona Khoo
I felt it is so much better as compared to other detox shake as some of it taste really yuck. :O It is advisable to drink it 2 to 3 times a week or wherever you think you need to detox your body! :) I would give this a 9/10 as I felt that it really detox my intestines.
Wendy Ooi
There are many good foods in Penang. Eventhough I’m born and bred here, I can never say no to the scrumptious foods like char kway teow and Penang laksa. I dare not imagine how toxic my body is. I have been told many times to cleanse my system but have not given it a try because some of the detoxification processes sound too complicated. When I read the simple instructions in TruDtox, I thought maybe I should just try it, since my friends say the results were quite immediate. And they were right. Now, my body feels cleanse and I feel more energised.

(extract from Health & Beauty, January 2008)
Helmi Julia
Beliau cakap bangun tidur badan rasa ringan, kalau tak kemain liat lagi beliau tu nak bangun sahur. Yang paling penting perut dia rasa selesa sangat. Buat kerja dalam bulan puasa ni pun rasa cergas.
Hanim Hashim
Aku berpuas hati dengan kesan yang diperolehi selama 2 minggu ni. Jadi, kalau korang nak kekal cergas dan sihat serta nak perut kempis menjelang hari raya, marilah cuba teh herba TruDtox ini!